Learning, Evaluation and Planning (LEAP)

The LEAP Framework

The LEAP framework is designed to support a partnership approach to achieving change and improvement in the quality of community life.

It describes both an approach to change and a 5 step planning and evaluation cycle that can be used to implement this approach. 

The LEAP approach is based on 5 simple but important principles:

  • We should plan and act according to need
  • We should be clear about what we hope to achieve and whether we've achieved it - planning and evaluation should be outcome focused
  • We should recognise that achieving change depends on building on and using people's strengths and abilities - planning and evaluation should seek to build on capacity and develop assets
  • We should plan, act and evaluate in partnership and involve communities as key stakeholders
  • We should be committed to learning from what we do, and from each other and applying this learning to improve our effectiveness and efficiency

The LEAP planning and evaluation cycle is based on 7 simple but important questions:

  1. What is the need we are trying to address?
  2. What specifically needs to change?
  3. How will we know if change has taken place?
  4. What will we actually do?
  5. How will we make sure we're doing it as planned?
  6. How successful have we been and what have we learned?
  7. What now needs to change?