Axis of Influence Series - Changes

What is it?

The Axis of Influence series contains two related frameworks. Voice (which we will call Axis of Influence to avoid confusion with VOiCE!) is a practical framework for community and voluntary groups to use to assess and increase their influence; ECHO is a practical framework for the statutory sector and partnerships to use to assess and improve their response and openness to community influence. Both of these frameworks are designed to help community organisations and networks, and public agencies improve their understanding of influence, and clarity on how to build influence. 

Who should use it?

This series, and the frameworks, are most applicable for trainers or those leading partnerships. They will assist in supporting partnerships or single agencies to consider what level of influence they are open to before they embark on an engagement exercise. The Axis of Influence tool is designed to be used with community organisations and as such could be used by experienced practitioners working with a group which is involved in influencing agency practice, or has identified that it needs to do so. Where a partnership involving agencies and community organisations exists, the two tools could be used in tandem to support clarity on the possibilities and limits of influence.

Who should it be used with?

Partnerships and community networks engaged in influence who wish to examine their practice, explore the sphere of influence they inhabit, and who wish to examine ways in which they can extend and be clear on possible influence.