Other Organisations and Networks

As well as SCDC and CHEX, several other organisations and networks support community development and community organisations. Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS)  is an independent network of national organisations that have the promotion of community development as part of their goals. It runs events and seminars and produced a regular and useful policy update. SCDC and CDAS perform different, though complementary, roles. CDAS provides a forum for debate, development and the dissemination of information. SCDC recognises CDAS as an Associate Organisation with which it has a partnership aimed at helping SCDC to better achieve its own objectives.

The Scottish Community Development Network is the membership organisation for community development practitioners, ‘supporting people who support communities in Scotland'.

SCDC keeps in touch with community development across the UK and Europe through its connections with the community development foundation and CDX, the community development exchange. We are also members of the Combined European Bureau for Social Development, a network of national community development organisations across Europe.