COSLA and Scottish Government Joint Statement - Building on Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities

The joint statement on Working and Learning Together (WALT) builds on the three national priorities of Community Learning and Development, the most relevant of which to this proposal is ‘Achievement through building community capacity'.

Within its shared vision, the joint statement states that "...our most disadvantaged communities can particularly benefit from support to build the capacity of community groups - empowering them to make things happen on their own terms and to influence the decisions that affect them."

The joint statement recognises the contribution of Community Learning and Development to the national outcomes contained within the National Performance Framework and stresses the importance of locating the position of Community Learning and Development as a key strategic partner within every local Community Planning Partnership whilst, as a priority, "maintaining and building the involvement of local communities themselves."

As part of the joint statement, COSLA and the Scottish Government have expressed a commitment to engaging Community Planning Partnerships in dialogue about "working towards community empowerment by putting in place appropriate arrangements to build the capacity of communities to take a greater role in shaping their own future."