Equally Well

Equally Well, which is the report of the ministerial task force on health inequalities, highlights the impact of people's life circumstances on their health and well-being and the need for increased community cohesion and whole-community initiatives to tackle the significant health inequalities which exist in Scotland. There is recognition of the importance of individuals and communities having more control over factors which affect their health and well-being "...it may be more important to ensure that people concerned are fully involved in decisions and policies which affect their lives" which is a key element of community capacity-building.

The subsequent Equally Well Implementation Plan sets out proposals for implementing the recommendations of Equally Well and makes explicit links and references to the other key frameworks on tackling poverty and early years. It specifically highlights the need to "shift the focus from providing services (doing things for or to people) to building the capacity of individuals, families and communities...". The Implementation Plan also re-emphasises the need to engage "individuals, families and communities most at risk of poor health in services and decisions relevant to their health, and promoting clear ownership of the issues by all involved."