The Early Years Framework

The Early Years Framework is constructed around a capacity building approach, both in terms of parental capacity and community capacity. Along with Achieving Our Potential and Equally Well, it sets out a coherent approach to addressing poverty and health inequalities with a focus on supporting and empowering individuals and communities to deliver local solutions. One of its foundation principles is to "...shift the focus from service provision as the vehicle for the delivery of outcomes to building the capacity of individuals, families and communities to secure outcomes for themselves..."

The Early Years Framework, in alignment with related national guidance, locates the delivery of children's and family services within the context of local community planning. It recommends that community planning needs to drill down to a local level to work with local people and local communities on joint ownership and control over service development and delivery.

The Early Years Framework recognises the contribution of community networks and community groups, both in formal and informal settings, to the achievement of positive outcomes for children and families and recommends that this contribution is supported and expanded.