Achieving our Potential

Achieving Our Potential complements a range of national guidance documents concerned with addressing disadvantage in Scotland and reinforces a local partnership approach to tackling poverty through local solutions.

In respect of income equality, it states that "the creation of stronger, more dynamic and sustainable communities is integral to the work of enterprise agencies" to enable them to generate and deliver on economic growth. In terms of the provision of good quality housing, it recognises that the lasting transformation of disadvantaged communities relies on the right environment to be created to allow devolution of power to a local level.

Throughout the framework, the contributions of the community and voluntary sectors are recognised as key to its aspirations and that "by harnessing their energy and creativity to identify local solutions to local challenges and by giving them responsibility for delivering that change, we can make a lasting impact on poverty and income inequality".

In order to achieve the outcomes set within the Achieving Our Potential framework, the need for support to community capacity building is vital.