‘Understanding Poverty' seminar series - Poverty Alliance

The result of the Scottish Independence Referendum has opened the door to a range of new powers to Scotland. As part of their ‘Understanding Poverty' seminar series, The Poverty Alliance are organising a full day seminar on more powers for Scotland, and how these can be used to address poverty. The seminar will take place on Wednesday 29 October in Glasgow. With the Smith Commission now established this seminar will help participants feed into its deliberations, but also to engage with the wider debates around ‘powers with a purpose' over the months to come.

Speakers include Professor David Bell, Professor Paul Spicker, Dr Angela O'Hagan, John Dickie, Director of CPAG Scotland, Maureen Watson, Head of Policy at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations. The event will be chaired by Professor Nicola McEwan, Associate Director of the Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh.

This seminar will aim to:

  • Provide an overview of opportunities are available in relation to additional taxation powers;
  • Highlight the welfare powers that could be reasonably devolved to Scotland, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages;
  • Discuss the changes that are required within Scotland to deliver real change.

This discussion will bring together a range of participants from different of backgrounds: policy makers, activists, voluntary organisations, academics, etc. Participants will be able to use the discussions that take place to help them understand the impact that additional powers for the Scottish Parliament could make on the fight against poverty in Scotland.

Please note that the event is free, and includes lunch. To register please click here.

The Poverty Alliance has also produced a short questionnaire to assess views on additional powers for the Scottish Parliament. If you wish to complete this short survey please click here