Understanding climate change - inspiration towards action training

Climate Interchange - Just One World are offering two training workshops called Understanding climate change - inspiration towards action 


  • Edinburgh, 28th April 2015, Friends Meeting House, Edinburgh, EH12JL
  • Glasgow, 29th April 2015, Albany Centre, Glasgow, G3 6DS
About the training


What is climate change? What might it mean for you? Why is it happening? Why is it important? What actions are happening in Scotland and abroad? What can you do to help tackle climate change?

2015 is a big year for climate change with major international negotiations in Paris in December.

Take a day out to get to grips with these questions and a subject that is still, for many, a confusing, complex, taboo subject that is awkward, big and scary.

The day will be a mix of information, discussions, short films, group activities and reflection. It will be informative, stimulating, encouraging and enjoyable. The aim is to inspire people to action.

You will leave with a better understanding of climate change, and how you can make a real difference. You will meet others from different backgrounds and perspectives.

This event is open to anyone, no matter what your interests, age, position or understanding. The broader the range of participants, the more we can learn from each other about the realities of climate change, as each will bring different questions, thoughts and starting points.

The day will give you confidence to talk about climate change with others. It is designed to help you build your own approach to engaging with this most challenging of issues. Everyone has a stake in this.

Edinburgh 28/4/2015 - https://eventbrite.co.uk/event/16414518266/
Glasgow 29/4/2015 - https://eventbrite.co.uk/event/16537445946/