Social Enterprise Census 2017 - Calling community enterprises

The Social Enterprise Census is the national count of social enterprises supported by the Scottish Government and others.  

Evidence gathered will build on the 2015 project and show important shifts in the shape and size of the sector.

As part of this project, Social Value Lab hope to uncover the multitude of community enterprises that make a massive contribution locally but often don't identify with the term ‘social enterprise' and therefore tend to fall under the radar in terms of policy and support. Their goal is to give all parts of the sector a voice and demonstrate their contribution.

If you can answer ‘yes' to the following questions take part in the survey:

  • Does your organisation have social or environmental goals?
  • Are you earning income from selling goods, charging for services, or delivering contracts?
  • Do you aspire to greater financial independence through earned income (reducing reliance on grants)?
  • Do you reinvest your surpluses and retain assets to further your social/environmental goals?
  • Are you operating independently (not as a public body)?
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