So Say Scotland – So Say All of Us!

So Say Scotland is chuffed to announce that it is hosting its first Thinking Together Citizens Visioning Assembly on February 28th 10-4pm at the SECC, as part of the SCVO Gathering.

The Assembly will pull together a diverse mix of folk from across Scotland to spend a day in facilitated dialogue. Participants will think in a new way about the future they want to see become a reality, discussing values along with what purpose and vision they feel is important for the future of Scotland. You can register here

Inspired and supported by the assembly movement in Iceland, this unique event is coming together in a tight timescale, on minimum resources. So Say Scotland would welcome any support from people and organisations to make Thinking Together the best possible success on the day. Of particular help is sponsorship for catering and the reception.

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'Thinking Together' A Citizens Assembly is hosted by So Say Scotland in partnership with Future of Scotland, SCVO, Church of Scotland, Electoral Reform Society and others.