'Self Management Development Fund - Focus on Development'

SCDC is delighted to endorse this report on the work of LTCAS and the Self Management Fund. As this report shows, the projects supported through the Development Fund contribute directly to both community development and community empowerment more widely.

The Principles of Self Management which underpin the Self Management Fund, are inspiring. They recognise the strengths and capacities that lie within individuals, groups and communities and they support collective action on behalf of organisations and groups to support the achievement of positive outcomes.

The principles on which the Self Management Fund is based are brought to life by the projects it supports, all of which show creativity, compassion, and, most importantly, a commitment to being community led.

We look forward to seeing how these projects, and future projects, develop further and enhance the strong links between the work of LTCAS and SCDC to progress the community development and community empowerment agenda in Scotland.

You can download the report here

For more information on LTCAS Self-Management Fund visit http://www.ltcas.org.uk/what-we-do/self-management/self-management-fund/