The Scottish Government's Programme for 2011-2012

The Scottish Government has set out its priorities for 2011-12 in 'Renewing Scotland: The Government's Programme for Scotland 2011-2012'. The programme refers to the Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services in Scotland, and the Government prioritises preventative approaches, working with local communities and community capacity building.

Following Christie, the Government proposes to reform public services so that they are more preventative, place-based, collaborative and transparent. A newly convened Cabinet sub-committee on public service reform has been set up to take forward the Christie recommendations.

There is some detail in the programme on how a preventative approach to public services will be implemented, including:

  • A continued focus on early years and inequalities with the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities being reconvened in 2012 to review Equally Well progress and related social policy frameworks
  • Building on the success of the Change Fund (focused on reducing need for acute care for older people)

Follow this link to read the document in full