SCDC response to Delivery of Regeneration in Scotland Inquiry

This is SCDC's consultation response to the Scottish Parliament Local Government and Regeneration Committee's call for evidence on ‘what regeneration means for us'. Our overarching message is that the focus of regeneration activity should be on localities experiencing extreme disadvantage and issues of social justice and inequality.

Our contribution argues that community capacity building and community engagement at a neighbourhood level, assisting communities to develop their skills, confidence, organisation and influence, is needed to equip communities to participate fully in regeneration activity and to enhance participative democracy and civic life. Similarly, meaningful community engagement between agencies and communities is necessary if public sector led regeneration is to be relevant and responsive to local people.

SCDC views a strong, active community sector, enhanced civic society and participatory democracy as the cornerstone of physical, economic and social regeneration. Regeneration activity needs to be holistic and based on a sound understanding of the needs, issues, assets and the different stages of development and organisation within and between communities. The challenge for the Scottish Government is how to enhance civic society and strengthen the community sector without imposing or controlling it. 


Click the following link to download the full response:

SCDC response to Delivery of Regeneration in Scotland Inquiry

In addition, the Committee has published responses from a wide range of contributers on the Scottish Parliament Website.