SCDC anti sectarian mentoring/co-inquiry programme

Are you working on an anti sectarian project or hoping to start one up?

Would you like the support of a mentor – another person experienced in the anti-sectarianism field and who is currently running a project?

Our mentoring and co-inquiry project might be of interest to you! We know working in the sectarianism field can be tough and that many workers involved in this programme are “lone workers”. Image from Xchange ScotlandOur project looks to share learning, experience and practice ideas between projects by providing mentoring support from experienced practitioners combined with opportunities for learning and practice development.

Our project could help you:

  • more effectively achieve your outcomes
  • understand sectarianism and its many varied manifestations
  • develop you and your project's capacity to tackle sectarianism by providing guidance and training

Our project won't:

  • add on more work!

We are interested in working with projects who share the following aims, objectives and values:

  • you are interested in developing wider research/investigative work into sectarianism
  • you are working collaboratively and/or are interested in developing collaborative approaches to tackling sectarianism
  • you are committed to learning with and from others
  • you are keen to promote, use and support community-led approaches to tackling sectarianism

Since 2013 Scottish CommCo-inquiry sessionunity Development Centre (SCDC)  has been working with staff across our 9 partner projects to develop learning and understanding in the anti sectarianism field. The workers involved in SCDC’s project during 2013/15 have benefited from the support they have received from both the project staff but also their peers.

    “for me,the strongest element has been the collegial support”

    “It was a good opportunity to immerse myself in what other people had learned from   their projects”

If you are interested in the mentoring opportunity please fill in the form here.

… and if you would like any more information just get in touch by contacting Kate McHendry at or David Allan (Tel: 0141 248 1924)

For more info on the programme's previous work, read this blog by Robin Jamieson and Kate McHendry who both designed and delivered the programme.

Download this information as a flyer.