Report: Food, Fuel & Finance - Tackling the Poverty Premium

This report presents findings from ‘Closing the Gap in Scotland', a partnership between a number
of organisations to explore solutions to the ‘Poverty Premium'.

Church Action on Poverty and its partners notes:

The Poverty Premium is the additional cost for essential goods and services accruing to people living in
poverty as a result of their low incomes. It is estimated that the average annual Poverty Premium paid by low-income households is £1,280. Assuming that at least three million households are affected by the Poverty Premium, this amounts to a staggering £3.8 billion each year. In combination with stagnant incomes, low wages, falling benefit levels and rising prices, this is an expense that families in poverty cannot afford.

The three main areas where poorer housholds see these premiums are food, fuel and finance.

As part of this report, there is also an event being held on the 8 December which will act as a launch event for the report. Further details are avaailble here.