Report: Animating Assets Learning Event

On Wednesday 19th March Glasgow Centre for Population Health and SCDC held learning event on 'Animating Assets', a collaborative programme which aims to support existing asset-based approaches to a range of health and social wellbeing issues from across Scotland.

The report for this event is now available and highlights the activities of the day, including the workshop discussions, presentations and conclusions for moving forward. The event brought together a small group for discussions around their interest and knowledge of asset-based approaches, their involvement in current research, questions they had and what they would like the programme to achieve.

The programme itself aims to utilise a process of co-creation, experimentation and evaluation with a goal to produce new evidence on the impact made by asset-based interventions, meaning the input of a range of individuals at events such as this is vital.

The report gives detail of the presentations of the day from GCPH's Jennifer McLean and Val McNeice and, from Research for Real, Cathy Sharp. Each spoke about their current work and the importance of asset-based approaches in tackling public health issues and understanding the priorities of local people.

You can download the report here.