New website related to Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill

As you probably know, the Scottish Government is in the middle of consulting on the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill, which aims to support communities to achieve their own goals and aspirations through taking independent action and by having their voices heard in the decisions that affect their area.

As part of this process, the Scottish Government has announced the launch of a new website 'Our Great Ideas' aimed at giving communities the space to get together and share their successes and aspirations. It is hoped it will also act as a space for different types of community groups and projects from across Scotland to have a space to discuss experiences, issues that affect them and even their frustrations.

The website is a first draft and a work in progress. The Scottish Government is keen to develop it based on feedback and suggestions from those who use it - with the aim that it is eventually handed over to be run by and for communities.