New SCDC programme - Supporting Communities to Tackle Sectarianism

SCDC are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding by the Scottish Government to work with local projects in developing community-led approaches to tackling sectarianism.

There is increasing recognition by Government of the value of community-led approaches to tackling issues of concern and the need to involve communities and community organisations as key partners in effecting change. Through this programme we will work with and support groups and projects at local level to engage with their wider communities in exploring views, attitudes and issues around sectarianism. We will be working alongside Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) to develop key learning and lessons for future practice.

The launch of the initiative was announced by the Minister for Community Safety, Roseanna Cunningham, on Wednesday 23rd November at the ‘Sense over Sectarianism' event for Primary School Student Councils in Glasgow.

Information relating to the programme will be posted on this site, for general enquiries contact