New Oxfam report on importance of decent work

Oxfam and the University of Scotland (as part of the UWS-Oxfam partnership) and in collaboration with Warwick Institute for Employment Research have published an interim report on decent work.  

Initial findings, following a Scotland-wide consultation of more than 1500 people, suggest that low-paid workers value a wide range of factors in order to have decent work. The top 5 priorities, identified from the focus groups, are: 

  1. An hourly rate that is enough to cover basic needs 
  2. Job security 
  3. Paid holidays and paid sick leave 
  4. A safe working environment free from physical and mental risk or harm 
  5. A supportive line manager 
While there was some variation in the priorities identified according to gender - for example, women value a supportive line manager more than men - the research shows remarkable consistency in people's top priorities for decent work.

You can download it here.