LEAP into Festival Fortnight!

Festival Fortnight: 30 Days To Go!

LEAP Sports has just launched its new website for Festival Fortnight, which is already bursting with events. There are:

  • 67 opportunities to take part

  • 33 different activities

  • events in 8 local authorities

There are opportunities to try a new sport, take part in a debate, view an exhibition, watch sports related films, or have fun at one of our parties. Find out what's
happening near you, by clicking the link below:               


Additional events will be added right up until the end of May, so please check the site regularly for new activities.

The Festival Fortnight brochure will also be distributed from the start of next week. If you would like some sent to you, email info@leapsports.org with your address and number of copies.

Festival Fortnight

Festival Fortnight is an exciting mix of sporting, recreational and cultural events and activities. The festival aims to increase the visibility and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scottish sport. Everyone is welcome, though- try out a new sport, support a team, or celebrate at one of the parties.

Festival Fortnight is co-ordinated by LEAP sports, an umbrella organisation for LGBT sports clubs and groups across Scotland.

LEAP Sports took part in the SCDC Commonwealth Games Legacy for Glasgow programme, read more about them in their spotlight article here