Issue #7 of 'Engage' magazine now available!

Issue #7 of ‘Engage' magazine - the first edition following the completion of the Meeting the Shared Challenge programme - is now available to view and download by clicking here (pdf, 1.5Mb).

Editorship of 'Engage' has now been taken over by CHEX (Community Health Exchange) which is part of SCDC and it is hoped that the magazine will continue to be a source of discussion and debate for supporting and developing community-led approaches to health improvement.

This issue marks a continued commitment to community-led approaches beyond Meeting the Shared Challenge, and sets out a new programme of work, which will support local partners in developing and sustaining community-led approaches to health improvement as described in the foreword from Kay Barton.

The previous issue featured learning from the programme and issue #7 begins with an article which highlights a case study of the Peebles Community Council's ‘Focus on Health and Care' project, demonstrating how community-led action has responded to local health issues.

The issue also reflects on some of the key issues facing local partnerships in developing community-led approaches with highlights of the question and answer session from the Meeting the Shared Challenge conference in February this year.

The issue also features news from across the country and outlines a new programme of work which will continue to build capacity in community-led approaches to health improvement throughout the next few months.

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