Invitation to the Activate community development programme research showcase

The Activate project is a community development programme for community activists. As part of their learning, activists conduct a research project. Lisa Garnham at Glasgow Centre for Population Health is doing some research into the programme. Richard Brunner from What Works Scotland is on the reference group for Lisa's research.  

On Tue 29 Nov Lisa Garnham has convened an Activate research project showcase, at the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre, Glasgow. It'll start at 10:30am and finish at 2pm, with lunch provided. 

The workshop will showcase the mini-research projects on which the Activate participants have been working. The questions their work has raised will be the topic of group discussion and activities throughout the session. Please see the flyer attached. Projects which should be presented include:

  • Social and community life in the Gorbals and Charing Cross: how can we improve access to the activities already happening? 
  • Living conditions in Maryhill and Dalmarnock: how can relationships between residents be built? 
  • Power and influence for homeless people: how can the balance of power be restored?
  • Employment in Easterhouse and Townhead: how can the lives of employed and unemployed people be improved?

Lisa is particularly seeking community activists to attend, so please do identify people that you work with who may be interested in the event. It is a good chance for some peer-to-peer learning. Lisa can arrange for travel expenses and similar support for people that need them. People interested in attending should contact Lisa directly at, telephone: 0141 330 1924.