HIIC in 2014 and beyond

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The Health Issues in the Community course, managed by CHEX, has been developing substantially over the last year. 2014 saw three Tutor Training Courses delivered, with 21 new tutors, including in Highlands for the first time. There are now a total of 106 tutors delivering HIIC courses all over Scotland - and this year alone there's been 25 new courses registered with 248 students taking part. HIIC has also been introduced as a compulsory part of Modern Apprenticeship scheme for 10 apprentices in NHS Greater Glasgow.

We are currently in discussions with Edinburgh University about a longitudinal evaluation hoping aiming to show the long term impact HIIC has on people's lives. Along with this, we are hoping a HIIC course will soon be run as part of a degree course at a major university in Scotland, with students getting involved in their local community groups.

Finally, a review of the Young People and Schools pack has begun and will be published in February. You can read the existing pack here.

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