Fred Edwards Trust - Boosting People Power in Scotland

Would you like the chance to help boost people power in Scotland? That's the aim of the Fred Edwards Trust Fellowship, which was launched last year. They now need your support to make it happen.

In May, the first two Fellows, Rhionna and Julian, will head out to the Highlander Center in Tennessee, following in the footsteps of inspirational citizen leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

They'll learn from activists trained by Highlander to use environmental laws to fight against the removal of mountain tops in Appalachia. 

  • They'll share knowledge and skills with fellow climate change activists.
  • They'll compare tools and techniques with young people facing unemployment, discrimination and lack of opportunities. 
  • They'll come home to Scotland inspired and ready to inspire others.

The Fred Edwards Trust with the Scottish Community Development Centre as partners, will help the Fellows spread the benefits of their experience with citizen groups and community activists around Scotland after they get back and you will have a chance to hear directly from the Fellows at a special event in the autumn.

Their target is to raise a total of £7,000. You can give directly and can really help by sending the link below to all your own contacts.

Giving is easy - just go to to make your investment in people power in Scotland.