Fight to Eradicate Sectarianism Goes Digital

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Action Against Sectarianism have now launched a new anti-sectarian website which will for the first time bring together resources and information from across Scotland. 

YouthLink Scotland, the National Agency for Youth Work, has set up a new website to support the Scottish Government's work to challenge sectarianism in Scotland. The new national web portal will provide information to the general public and will be a central tool for those working in this area to work collaboratively towards the shared goal of eradicating sectarian behaviour and attitudes from Scottish society.

As we spend more of our time on the web, accessing our information from computers, mobile phones and tablets, it makes sense that to make sectarianism a thing of the past, we look to the future and take the fight against bigotry digital.

It will act as a one stop shop to share the best resources, marketing and educational initiatives from across Scotland. Those involved include the Scottish Football Association, Young Scot and Show Racism and Bigotry the Red Card.

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The website will provide separate channels for children, young people and adults as we know that different age groups face different challenges and access information in different ways. There will also be a secure section of the site where community activists, academics and practitioners can share resources and best practice.
On each of the channels, there is info, music, videos, stories and practical guides including an ‘interactive brain thingy' to get folk thinking differently about the issue. There is also support and helpline numbers for those who feel they have been the victim of sectarian abuse.

Chief Executive of YouthLink Scotland, Jim Sweeney said: "So often we think of sectarianism in Scotland as a ‘west coast' problem hidden under the banner of football but sectarian behaviour can be present anywhere in the country. This new website is a great chance to share information about projects, events and resources that bring communities together. The more we pull together the best of work being done in Scotland, the better chance we have to banish bigotry for good." 

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Minister for Community Safety said: "We are committed to the creation of a modern, sectarian-free Scotland - A Scotland which is not weighed down by the prejudices of the past. Fantastic work is being carried out across the country to tackle the root causes of sectarianism in communities. Youthlink Scotland's creative website provides another tool to challenge outdated attitudes by providing information in an interesting and accessible way."