EuCDN Publishes New Annual Report

The European Community Development Network  of which SCDC is a part, has just published its latest bi-annual report.

The European Community Development Network (formerly known as the Combined European Bureau for Social Development - CEBSD) aims to ensure that everyone in Europe should have the guaranteed basic human rights to which they are entitled. It does this in a number of ways: supporting citizens, professionals and policy makers around Europe; endeavouring to develop a Europe which functions on a basis of community and participative democracy; and helping to build civil society in Europe through community development.

As a member of the network, SCDC recognises the benefits of looking beyond our own borders as well as within them to find examples of good practice and cooperation in community development, particularly as we face common challenges and inequalities in our communities.

The report details the meetings of network member organisations over the last two years, and the particular issues it has been working around. Find out more about the European Community Development Network here and download the Annual Report here.