'The Economics of Friendships’ - 16th March 2017

'The Economics of Friendships' is a national gathering for opinion makers and organisational leaders to explore and understand a growing movement of people bringing change, pride and enterprise into their lives and our least understood communities. 

Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) are spreading a kind of chaos around them. They are profound yet simple human endeavours that challenge mind-sets which often view people through the lens of ‘weak and vulnerable' rather than as ‘surprising and productive'. To say anything more would be to spoil the fun so all I can say is: Come and see how people are taking control of their lives and enabling a cobweb of impacts in and around them. 

This event on 16th March 2017 will bring together people from different sectors of our society to learn and identify how we can each take this thoughtful and humbling way of working alongside people into the future.

If you are able to attend, please register here as soon as possible as spaces are limited.