Curious Communities & Critical Citizens - Event

The Fred Edwards Trust and the Scottish Community Development Centre are hosting a Curious Communities event in Perth on Wednesday 30th September 2015.

The main aim of the event is to provide a space in which community activists, staff from third sector organisations and colleagues from across the public sector can consider the role of community-based learning in tackling the pressing democratic, social and environmental issues that concern us all.

Fiona Garven, Director of SCDC, will chair the day. She will introduce a strong line-up of contributors from Scotland, Canada and the USA, to inject skills, insight and inspiration into our round table discussions.

  • From Scotland, Stan Reeves, formerly of the Adult Learning Project, will describe how the popular education techniques of Paolo Freire have been at the heart of community development in central Edinburgh. Stan will argue for a revival in radical, community-based learning in Scotland as the basis of genuine community empowerment.
  • From Canada, via video, we will hear from individuals involved in The Stop's Community Action Programme, which empowers community members experiencing poverty and marginalisation to challenge chronic income and food insecurity by facilitating strong community support networks, raising political consciousness and taking direct action.

  • From Tennessee, Pam McMichael, who inspired everyone who met her when she visited Scotland last year as a guest of the FET, has recorded a special presentation on Highlander's work to equip communities to combat social and environmental injustice.

  • We will hear more about how the Highlander approach might apply in Scotland from the two Fred Edwards Trust Fellows, Julian Holbrook and Rhionna Mackay, who joined community activists from across the USA at Highlander in May of this year.
  • David Stokoe, of Perth and Kinross Council, will reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing local authorities as they re-define their roles and relationships with communities and citizens in the changing civic landscape of Scotland.

Financial support from Perth & Kinross Council and from Scottish Government has enable us to waive the registration fee for unpaid/voluntary community activists and we have tried to keep fees for other participants as low as possible.  Some funding may be available to assist with travel expenses for unpaid participants travelling to Perth from outside the area.

There's more information and booking available here.