Community Work- Looking to the Future event

7th APRIL 2016 – 11am – 3.30pm.
Many of the organisations that have supported and promoted community development have closed in recent years including CDX in 2012 and more recently, from March 2016 the Community Development Foundation.  This has led to lots of discussion and on line debate about what is left in England, and questions about the future for community development practice, networking, and learning. Of course there are still some organisations that provide aspects of this support and there is  substantial of community work activity across England. However, there appears to be less and less knowledge of what is around, and many people are concerned that there is no longer a focal point.

This event is  an opportunity for all those involved, or  with an interest in, community work, (employers, trainers, academics, managers, policy makers, funders ....  and practitioners coming from different perspectives: community workers, community development workers, community organisers and activists), to share the context of their work, their aspirations and ideas about future of work with communities.

There is no planned outcome - whatever comes out of it will depend on what participants want to see and are willing to help make happen. There will be facilitated discussions and open space sessions, and, in that spirit, we are asking for suggested discussion topics on the booking form. We also intend to do a mapping exercise at the event, which will enable participants to share information about their community work activities and exist as a digital resource that participants can  take away and use, to support their work and enable further collaboration and networking.

The day has been convened, as simply as possible, by Angus McCabe, Matt Scott and Mandy Wilson in response to a lot of recent ideas and concerns, and The Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, has offered to host the event, but none of us see ourselves as leading it or organisation 'owning' it. The space and refreshments/lunch will be provided by the University of Birmingham so that the event is free of charge for all those who wish to come. We hope that you will want to join with others in thinking about the future of community work. Places are limited so early booking is advised. 
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