Community Learning & Development Managers Scotland (CLDMS) report on Changes to CLD in Scotland

CLD in Scotland: Changes and pressures

Community Learning & Development Managers Scotland (CLDMS) has produced a report that looks at how local authorities' provision of CLD services may be changing in 2011/12 in the light of pressures both for spending reductions and to contribute to achieving national priorities. It looks at changes in budgets and staffing, where services are located and what priorities have been set for them.

Of particular note is that of the three strands of CLD - youth work, adult learning, and community capacity building (CCB) - the most adversely affected by budget cuts is community capacity building. Across Scotland CCB budgets are reducing by 10% (comparing 2010/11 with 2011/12), with adult learning budgets reducing by 6%, while youth work is almost unaffected.

Read the report here.