Community Empowerment Scotland Bill amendments

The Scottish Parliament Local Government and Regeneration Committee has agreed to a set of amendments to the Community Empowerment Scotland Bill that were put forward by the Poverty Alliance, Oxfam and Barnardo’s and supported by Scottish Community Development Centre as well as a range of other organisations.

The Community Empowerment Scotland Bill is making its way through the Scottish Parliament Committee system, and currently at Stage 2 amendments.  This can be a chance to further influence proposed legislation, and SCDC was happy to add our name to a list of organisations supporting a briefing paper on participation requests by the Poverty Alliance, Barnardo’s Scotland and Oxfam Scotland. The paper argued for amendments to the Bill around the issue of participation requests – the section of the Bill aimed at giving communities a stronger voice in the way services are planned and delivered.  We are pleased to report that all the suggested amendments were accCESB imageepted by the Local Government and Regeneration Committee at its meeting on the 11th March.

These changes included provisions to set out what support public service authorities must make available to communities to make and complete a request, and to set out the type of communities that may require additional support.  It also called for greater rights to appeal for communities when participation requests are turned down and for public service authorities reporting on outcome improvement processes to seek the views of those bodies that made a participation request on how the process was conducted and whether it has led to local improvements.

Read the full text of the debate here.

SCDC has also supported other amendments to the Bill proposed by the Poverty Alliance, Barnardo’s and Oxfam.  See the full set of briefings here.

The Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) e-bulletin is another good source of info on the Bill (and toher matters related to community development.  The latest edition contains more on the above story and you can read it on the CDAS website.