Community Empowerment Bill - Stage 3 Amendments

A number of amendments to the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill have been lodged by various MSPs for consideration at the final debate on the Bill scheduled to take place on Wednesday 17 June .

The amendments which SCDC has identified as most significant to community development and community organisations have been proposed by Minister for Local Government and Community Empowerment, Marco Biagi MSP.  These are:

  • A requirement for Scottish Ministers to produce an annual document describing consultation conducted  around national outcomes.
  • In relation to community planning, Community Planning Partnerships (CPP) should have to identify disadvantaged localities within their local authority and produce locality plans for them.  These would be separate from local outcomes improvement plans which the Bill, as written, already requires CPPs to produce. As with the local outcomes improvements plans, locality plans will be developed in consultation with communities, and specify outcomes to be improved, reviewed and reported on.
  • With regard to participation requests, the Minister has proposed that community participation bodies be defined to include more informal groups than before without, for instance, written constitutions. The proposal specifies that these should be representative, open to all, community-led and that they should invest profits into community.
  • Furthermore, it is proposed that Scottish Ministers report annually on "the operation of participation requests," which will be in addition to Bill's exisiting requirement that local authorities report annually on participation requests.

The full list of amendments can be accessed here. All amendments should be read in conjunction with the PDF version of the Bill as amended at Stage 2 (1.1MB), which was published on 19 March 2015.  As described in more detail in our previous news update on the Bill, Stage 3 amendments to the Bill will be considered by the Parliament on Wednesday 17 June 2015.