Citizen Participation University conference

The Citizen Participation University conference is taking place over five days from Monday July 6th 2015 at Civil Kollégium, Hungary. 

'CPU 2015 - The Next 25 Years - Walls or bridges for democracy and citizens' participation?' will combine a view of the history with the present and look into the future of the European Democracy and the conditions for citizens' participation. The conference will examine issues such as extremism, the rise of democracy in modern Europe and how we can improve European and global democracies through community interventions, education, new forms of economy, social innovation, building solidarity and influencing of policy. 

A packed schedule over the week provides the opportunity to be involved in workshops, seminars, lectures and discussions from organisations from across Europe and America.

EUCDN, which SCDC is a member of, is involved in this conference along with a number of organisations from across Europe.

You can find out more and register at the bottom of the page here. You can download a pdf of the full programme here.