Community Capacity Building Forums

CDAS, Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Scottish Community Development Centre are jointly offering two half day Open Forums on community capacity building. The forums aim to provide opportunities for all those involved to come together and:

  • Understand the role of community capacity building
  • Learn more about the contributions that different community activities make to building capacity
  • Reach a better shared understanding of who the capacity builders are and how they can work together
  • Help LTS and its partners to discover how best to offer support.

Community capacity building is a way of working with people to develop their ability to jointly influence things that matter to them. This can involve developing confidance, skills, structures and knowledge.

Strengthening the role of communities and building the capacity of people to work together to achieve change are essential to achieving Scotland's national outcomes. There is increasing agreement that these things are also essential to effective future delivery of public services. A recent LTS survey shows a strong and growing demand for community capacity building support. But the resources that can help to provide that support are tight. Many people in different sectors, have a role to play. But it is often not clear what their contribution is and how they can best work together.

Each forum will run from 1.30pm - 4.30pm, with registration and a light lunch from 1pm. Proceedings will include:

* Why community capacity building matters now: Stewart Murdoch, Director of Leisure and Communities, Dundee City Council.
* Discussions of how community capacity building relates to key outcomes and sectors.
* Presentation of LTS survey of community capacity building.
* Discussions of who is involved, what works, and what actions are needed to support and strengthen the work.


The Edinburgh event will be held on Wednesday, 31st August 201. To add your name to the reserve list for the Edinburgh Forum, follow this link:

The Glasgow Open Forum will be held on Wednesday, 7th September 2011 in Glasgow, from 1.30pm - 4.30pm (a light lunch will be provided at 1pm). To add your name to the reserve list for the Glasgow Forum, follow this link:

There is no charge, but places are limited and will be subject to confirmation.

For further information, contact Peter Taylor, CDAS: (0141 586 7588).