Survey report: A snapshot of community capacity building in Scotland

A snapshot of community capacity building in Scotland' is a new report of an online survey on community capacity building undertaken by the Communities Team at Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) between December 2010 and January 2011 is now available.

The purpose of the survey was to gather up to date information on activity taking place under the banner of community capacity building, and get feedback on current issues from the Community Learning and Development (CLD) field. The survey findings will help to inform LTS's future work to implement national CLD policy and support practice that builds community capacity.

Pages 20-22 of the report contain the conclusions from the survey and outline the Communities Team's next steps to engage with and support the CLD field on community capacity building. The Team intend to discuss the survey findings with the Scottish Government, CLD Managers and Lead Officers and other key national bodies. They also intend to contact a sample of survey respondents for a more in depth discussion on the issues raised. Potential follow up questions for discussion are included on page 21 of the report. There is also be an opportunity to contribute further through a blog at:

Anyone wishing to discuss any of the issues in the report should contact Colin Ross (, Peter Lanigan (, John Galt ( or Vince Moore (