SCDC submission to the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services

The Commission was established by the Scottish Government in November 2010 to develop recommendations for the future delivery of public services. The Commission, which is chaired by Dr Campbell Christie CBE, is operating independently of government, and will report its recommendations by the end of June 2011.

SCDC's submission welcomes the Scottish Government's decision to set up the commission.  In particular, SCDC is pleased that the commission seeks to address how public services can be more participative, prevention oriented, outcome focused and equality driven.  SCDC believes that this vision can be achieved by building on existing community engagement through increased community capacity building to give people the skills and confidence required to participate in service design, delivery and evaluation. This will put Scotland in a better position to take forward a ‘co-production' approach to public services.

Read the complete submission from SCDC.

Find out more about the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services on the Scottish Government website.