IACD 2011 Community Development International Conference

The SPPC - Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicologia Comunitária in partnership with the IACD - International Association for Community Development welcome you to the IACD 2011 Community Development International Conference to be held in Lisboa, Portugal from 6 - 8 July  2011 at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on the theme Transformational Leadership: Empowering Communities.

It is the Organising Committee's understanding that Community Development may play a central role on providing accountability to the individual interdependencies and their contributions to the local and global community. The Hong Kong IACD Declaration (2007) aims towards the need

"...to work in genuine partnership, in building socially and economically inclusive, diverse, environmentally sustainable, gender responsive and just societies"

which implies a strong commitment to goals and strategies on community leadership, and the transformational capacity of citizens to act as agents for change. Transformational leadership creates the paths that facilitate civil society groups that have only been allowed to perform very limited and uniform roles (IACD Newsletter, 2009) to become empowered and access a more active participation in community decision processes, and influence public policies at the local, regional, national and international levels.

The premises include a large auditorium, a space for temporary exhibitions, a congress area with auditoriums and other rooms, as well as a large building that houses the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and the Art Library. The entire complex is set in the Gulbenkian park.

The chosen theme for the 2011 IACD Conference is Transformative Leadership and Empowering Communities. As well as international speakers and panels, the conference will include time for field visits to various places in Lisbon.

The deadline for submitting your conference papers is 31 March 2011 and can be done on-line. Information about accommodation in Lisbon is also available on the conference website.

Contact the Organizing Commitee by e-mailing info@cdconference.com or visiting the website: http://www.cdconference.com/.


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TEL: +351 21 881 17 00 or 14

FAX: +351 21 886 0954